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    Alexis Wozdusiewicz Shadow Visit Page

    Alexis Wozdusiewicz's Shadow Visit Page
    Hometown: Meriden, CT 
    Class Year: 2024
    Program of Study: Legal Studies / Anthropology & Sociology
    Campus Involvement: Tutor, Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society

    Please refer to Alexis' course schedule and upcoming availability below.  

    Friday Shadow Visit Experience:
    11:00 am - 11:50 am: CORE 430 - Punishment Reform: Abolition
    This interdisciplinary course will examine the historic use of punishment, current reforms, and the philosophies employed to justify punishment practices. Students will revisit the key existential questions from CORE courses, (such as: Who am I? What can I know? And, based on what I know, how should I act?) while focusing on the systematic use of punishment in society. What is unique about this particular CORE 430 class is that we will closely examine the current state of punishment in the world as illustrations of how humans understand, mediate, and attempt to develop solutions to social phenomena.

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