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    Diana Micalizzi Shadow Visit Page

    Diana Micalizzi's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY 
    Class of 2027
    Program of Study: Biochemistry
    Campus Involvements: Dance Club, Chem X, Hawkette's Dance Team

     Please refer to Diana's course schedule and the course descriptions below to select your desired experience. 

    Friday Shadow Visit Experience:
    10:00 am - 10:50 am: MATH 214 - Calculus II

    Covers the integral calculus of algebraic and transcendental functions and its applications. Topics include elementary differential equations, computation of areas, volumes, work and other physical quantities, integration techniques, improper integrals, and infinite series. The laboratory component Involves use of computer algebra software
    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled