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    Enesyia Colwell Shadow Visit Page

    Enesyia Colwell's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Houston, TX
    Class Year: 2024

    Program of Study:
     Marine Biology
    Campus Involvement: Admission Student Ambassador


    Please refer to Enesyia's course schedule and upcoming availability to select your desired visit experience.

    Friday Shadow Visit Experience:
    10:00 am - 10:50 am: BIO 302 - BIO 302 - Ichthyology and Lab

    Provides a comparative examination of the evolution, morphology, physiology, and natural history of fishes from diverse habitats (freshwater, estuarine, and marine). Correspondingly, an underlying theme of the course is the behavioral and functional adaptations of fishes that allow these animals to survive in different environments. While course material provides students with an application of the tremendous diversity that exists among fishes, particular emphasis is placed on species inhabiting local areas. Upon completing the course, students will first understand the ecology and evolution of fishes, and second, recognize the challenges imposed on fishes and the means by which groups have adapted to their specific environment. Moreover, laboratory sessions include comparative studies of selected examples and field trips to local environments.
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