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    Hannah Patalsky Shadow Visit Page

    Hannah Patalsky's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Irwin, PA
    Class of 2024
    Programs of Study: Legal Studies & International Relations
    / Political Science & French (minors)
    Campus Involvements: Campus Entertainment Network, Admission Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, Honors Program, Student Engagement Committee, Front Desk Assistant at Student Programs, Leadership, and Orientation


     Please refer to Hannah's course schedule and the course descriptions below to select your desired experience. 


    Monday Shadow Visit Experience:
    9:00 am- 9:50 am: POLSC 321 - Politics/Ethnics Conflict

    Using case studies from both developed and less developed political systems, this course examines the different ways that political systems attempt to manage conflict in societies divided among ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic subcultures. The course addresses the global persistence and reemergence of ethnic and national identities, movements for self-determination, separatism, regional autonomy, and the rise of religious fundamentalism. The origins and development of communal conflicts in Northern Ireland, Lebanon, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, and South Africa will be studied in historical and comparative perspective.

    10:00 am- 10:50 am: LS 301 - Legal Advocacy Clinic

    The Legal Advocacy Clinic is a unique opportunity for students interested in working with victims of domestic violence in the court system. The Clinic experience will begin in the classroom where students will learn the history of domestic violence and the unique challenges involved with addressing domestic violence cases. Once students are educated and trained, students will work in the Newport Courthouse to assist and advocate on behalf of clients that wish to apply for orders of protection. 
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