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    Megan Medeiros Shadow Visit Page

    Megan Medeiros's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Warwick, RI 
    Class Year: 2026
    Program of Study: Criminal Justice / Psychology 
    Campus Involvements: Dance Club, Dance Team, Admissions Ambassador

    Please refer to Megan's upcoming availability to select your visit date. 
    Tuesday Shadow Visit Experience:
    8:00 am- 9:20 am: LS 101 - The American Legal System
    Introduction to the United States legal system. Includes overview of federal, state, and local legal institutions as well as an overview of fundamental distinctions between civil and criminal law, common law and statutory law, substantive and procedural law, trial and appellate courts. The course also provides an introduction to constitutional law, alternative dispute resolution, legal education, and the legal profession.

    Thursday Shadow Visit Experience:
    9:30 am - 10:50 am: CJS 204 - Constitutional Law
    An analysis of civil liberties and civil rights in the United States. Course topics include religious liberty, free speech, equal protection of law, the right to privacy, and due process of law
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