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    Mia Padula Shadow Visit Page

    Mia Padula's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Bristol, RI
    Class Year: 2026
    Programs of Study: Legal Studies / Public Relations 
    Campus Involvements: Peer Mentor, Class Officer, Dance Club, Inter-Class Council

    Please refer to Mia's upcoming availability below to select your preferred visit date.

    Thursday Shadow Visit Experience:
    12:30 pm - 1:50 pm: PR 200 - Introduction to Public Relations

    This course introduces you to public relations as a professional practice. You will learn how public relations is defined, how it operates in organizations, its impact on the public, its societal functions, and how you and your goals may fit in. The field of public relations is both creative and strategic; it is a management function. This class allows you to experience both, leading you to new paths you may not have considered. Learning the principles, models, and theories guiding the practice, you will apply this knowledge to a public relations program plan in a field that interests you.  For those planning public relations careers, this course provides a foundation for the public relations major. For students planning other professional and managerial careers, you will benefit from understanding public relations concepts and management practices.
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