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    Olivia Ellis Shadow Visit Page

    Olivia Ellis' Shadow Visit Page
    Hometown: Wareham, MA
    Class Year: 2027
    Programs of Study: Management / Marketing (minor) 
    Campus Involvement: Honors Program, Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Program, Women in Business Club, All Paws In, Multicultural Student Union

     Please refer to Olivia's course schedule and upcoming availability below to select your desired experience. 

    Tuesday Shadow Visit Experience:
    2:00 pm - 3:20 am: HONR 120 - Honors Creativity and the Arts

    This variable topics course will examine the nature of art and the creative process through which various art forms are structured and constructed. Each section of the course will focus on a specific topic that will help students appreciate the importance of the arts as expressions of the cultural values of society and the human condition. Students will demonstrate a capacity to observe, connect, synthesize, transform, and express ideas and concepts through art making. Students will create and understand original work intended to convey an idea, perspective or feeling through a process of feedback, reflection and refinement. 
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