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    Patrick Mountjoy Shadow Visit Page

    Patrick Mountjoy's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Portsmouth, NH
    Class Year: 2024

    Program of Study:
     Architecture / Art & Architectural History
    Campus Involvement: American Institute of Architecture Students


    Please refer to Patrick's course schedule and the course descriptions below to select your desired experience. 

    Wednesday Shadow Visit Experience:
    9:00 am - 11:45 am: ARCH 577 - The Skyscraper

    The course explores the skyscraper in historical perspective, beginning with mid-19th century developments in American technology and urbanization and ending with the recent phenomenon of the skyscraper as export, as shown in the continuing competition for height in the cities of the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. It examines key stages in the development of the skyscraper in relation to technological innovations and economic change as well as in reference to architects' theoretical ideals, urban visions, and imaginative reinterpretations of the building type. As a modern phenomenon bound up with the culture of cities, the skyscraper serves as a compelling lens through which to assess architecture's engagement with the experience of modernity, in light of literature, the fine arts, photography, and film.

    United States—Rhode Island