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    Sami Riley Shadow Visit Page

    Sami Riley's Shadow Visit Page

    Hometown: Millis, MA
    Class of 2024
    Programs of Study: Forensic Biology (Biology Track) / Criminal Justice (minor) / Global Communications (minor)
    Campus Involvements: Visit Experience Intern for Undergraduate Admissions, Forensic Science Club (President), Honors Program

     Please refer to Sami's course schedule and the course descriptions below to select your desired experience. 


    Tuesday Shadow Visit Experience:
    12:30 pm - 1:45 pm: COMM 330 - International Communication

    International communication examines the role of media and communication technologies in the changing global political economy. This course will introduce students to the different media systems around the world. By both analyzing the content and context of these various media systems, students will gain a keen appreciation and understanding of cultural difference in the production and reception of media texts, audiences, and institutions. Further, students will explore the complex roles of western media and communication technology in the international arena and discuss specific aspects and issues with regard to their historical, political, and economic ramifications.

    Thursday Shadow Visit Experience:
    9:30 am - 10:45 am: FSI 226 - Forensic Science

    Investigates the relationship of the crime laboratory to the criminal justice system. Students learn the services provided by a crime lab; the scientific and legal constraints placed upon criminalists; the theory and practice of collecting, preserving, and analyzing of physical evidence. Laboratory experiences include analysis of microscopic evidence; identification and individualization of physical and chemical objects; development of latent fingerprints; rolling and classification of fingerprints; some instrumental analysis; and thin layer and paper chromatography
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